As a wedding photographer, I make my living traveling and taking pictures of people on the happiest days of their lives. Wow!!! What an awesome thing to be able to say. I am honored and I’m thankful for every couple that I have had the opportunity to photograph over the past 10 years.

We are living in a golden era of photography right now! So many of us have amazing little HD cameras built right into our phones and are sharing pictures & video with each other daily. I love being a part of that and am so happy to see wedding photos being shared with friends and family around the world instantly.

Every time I pick up my cameras and begin to photograph a wedding I feel excited. The art and craft of photography is so limitless, there is always something new to discover, there is always something surprising. I hope that my portfolio conveys not only my artistic abilities but also gives insight to the care and devotion that I put into each wedding.

Jesse Anders